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Men of the Invisible War


MEN OF THE INVISIBLE WAR is one of the few accounts of the fierce and bloody battles between Japanese and American soldiers during World War II. The book is an up close and personal look at the personalities and carnage which took place in the Aleutian Islands that, up until recently, was hardly known to the world.


The book is a true historical novel about the battles fought on American soil during World War II. Reading the book will be the very first time most Americans, unaware that the Japanese invaded North America and held on to American territory in the North Pacific coast off Alaska for over a year, learn of the events that nearly changed the course of the War and American history. This is a must book to read for all those interested in military history and veterans and the families of those looking for the true facts of what happen.


The story, kept low profile by the War Department for many years, is about the third invasion of America. It takes place in the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska. The book shows how half of the area in the Aleutians became under Japanese control and that a part of the North American continent was very close to being invaded, a chronology known to few Americans.


The story is told with accounts of actual events exactly as they happened, from both Japanese and American perspectives. This author relied on over twenty years of his own research and interviews with men who fought in that bloody campaign. Hundreds of articles and information found at reliable sites on the Internet were poured over by this author and research obtained from the Army, Navy and Air Force historical archives was utilized. From these many sources I was able to extract the horrors and truth of what took place during this time.


Itís the story of a young Japanese pilot whose tragic death gave America an edge in the air war with the Japanese Zero. Itís a tragic story of a young Japanese Christian doctor torn between two worlds and forced into the military service of his country to fight an enemy he loves and respects. Itís about his sacrifice and devotion to his faith and profession in a hostile worldÖenemy to one side, despised by the other for his Christian beliefs and fondness for America. It tells of the hardships and suffering of the men who fought and died on those islands.


Itís also the story of an American Captain who lost his submarine to one of his own torpedoes with all hands and was never heard from again. The subís disappearance was one of the U.S. Navyís unsolved mysteries for decades until the children of the Captain, some 60 years later, searched the freezing waters of the Aleutians at their own expense and found the wreckage with the entombed bodies of their father and crew.


The book contains the stories of the personal battle experiences of soldiers and sailors on both sides who took part in this campaign. It tells of the civilian missionaries and natives of the islands taken prisoner and sent to force labor camps. The heroic efforts of both the Japanese and American G.I.ís and the second largest Bonzi charge of the Second World War that took place on Attu Island are addressed in graphic detail.

This is a story that needs to be told, that must be told, so the world will know what really happened in the Aleutians. Itís their story, the story of the forgotten war, the war known to few, and the forgotten men in an area that no one really knows or remembers unless they were there. Itís a spot on the globe that for a short time could have changed the outcome of the war. These are the men of a war that was meant to be kept invisible and forgotten.